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This is how I feel these days, and I too usually don't wear any pants or shirts anymore

Well nothing new to report besides the fact that I’m bored out of my mind these days, thus I am posting about absolutely nothing. In terms of the Army, I’m not doing anything. I’m just waiting to hear if they will shorten my service, but because of all of the holidays, I doubt they have even looked at my case. Awesome.

I’ve been watching a lot of the Sopranos and How I Met Your Mother lately. Next I’ll start Mad Men and HBO’s The Wire. At least I have time to catch up on all the good shows I have missed over the years. I’m hoping to return to the States by mid December or early January.

My Dad suggested I start writing down possible career paths. This is what I have so far (I just list everything that comes to mind, not everything is realistic, obviously):


– Police Officer

– Beg an MLB franchise to give me some job

– Insurance

– Journalist


-Teacher (preferably History with a side of being a baseball coach)

– Write a book

– Bartender (Tom Cruise in “Cocktail” style)

– Architect

– Jewish Mafia

– Win the Lottery and buy the Israeli Army and force them to let me be a combat soldier

I personally like the idea of winning the lottery the best, but instead of the army thing, I think I’d try and buy an Island somewhere. When I figure out how to make a poll, maybe I’ll do that to get some reader interactivity on the site. That may be a few days.

Anyway, I don’t really know what else to say. I should finally be getting rid of my two cats this week. I hate cats. I really don’t like them. Only dogs from here on out. However, they are good at catching cockroaches, so good for them.

Oh yeah, on another note, the NFL season has started and I’m pumped. All I do now is look forward to Sundays. Also, College Football is going on and my former college, The University of Arizona, seems to have a pretty solid team. I have been looking for a college team to call my own for quite some time, so I think I will hop on that bandwagon before it’s too late. Back at my U of A days, I was at the game where Zona upset then undefeated UCLA and everyone stormed the field. Pretty cool. That’s all the rambling I have for now.



While running today, my mind began to drift and I started thinking about this blog and how much I have enjoyed doing it. At first, I didn’t know whether I would write all that much, but for something that started out as just something to do to pass the time, I find that I look forward to writing and only hope that i have something interest to write in that given day. As a print journalism major from the ever growing Quinnipiac University, I never really enjoyed journalism. I liked the writing aspect of it, but hated the research and the interviews. I found that i had trouble asking the right questions and would always have to go back and ask them. I dreaded the research and interviews. I would put them off for as long as possible. But the writing on the other hand, I enjoyed. I could pump out a 5,000 word article in no time. I would never read over my work, as I always figured I would out think myself if I read over my drafts, plus I was lazy.

I had this Writing for Magazines class my senior year and we had basically four big articles to write, the first three were 2,500 words and the last one was 5,000 words. Now, the professor, always wanted rough drafts from people, but it obviously wasn’t mandatory. I found that probably everyone in the class would hand in a rough draft. As they were handing in the rough draft, I hadn’t even started my research. When it came time to hand in the final copy, I always met my deadline. When I got the articles back and saw that I had an A-, I couldn’t believe it. Here I was, essentially doing all of my work, including the interview, research and writing in about two days and everyone in the class had been working on theirs for two weeks.

I ended up getting an A- in the class and was very pleased with this, as I didn’t try nearly as hard as everyone else did. Looking back, while I got a good grade, I probably didn’t allow myself to grow nearly as much as I could have as a writer. If I had handed in a rough draft, I could’ve learned from my mistakes and become a much better writer. Just really a thought I had.

Anyway, getting  back to where I started, I’ve really enjoyed writing this blog and I hope it is something I will continue throughout my service. I will update the blog every chance I get, not sure how often that will be. So, I thank you all for reading.

Lets Ramble

HBO has a miniseries called “The Pacific.” It’s about World War II and the Marine Corp fighting in the islands of the Pacific on their approach towards Japan. It’s a great show, if you haven’t watched it, then get on it. Since I’m not in the states I have been downloading it online. After the first few episodes I wasn’t totally sure if it would be good or not, but every episode has gotten better and better. It’s unbelievable to think what my grandparent’s generation went through. In many of the fighting scenes, you get an actual feel of how horrifying it must have been to fight in that war. You are actually able to feel their emotions and what was going through their minds. Not expecting to ever return home and wondering what they were doing. That was truly the Greatest Generation. People taking pride in their country and doing something about it.

Anyway, my whole point of getting into this is that I was watching “The Pacific” the other night and it got me thinking, maybe I’m trying to fight someone else’s war. I’m not Israeli, maybe I shouldn’t be here. I came here to fight because I’m proud to be Jewish and I want to be apart of a Jewish country and Jewish army. I don’t need someone else to fight it for me. Perhaps this whole profile thing is just a sign that I don’t belong here. Maybe I should be fighting for America. The whole reason for choosing the Israeli Army over the U.S. Army, is that I believe in what Israel is doing. In my opinion, if Israel falls then Jews all over are in trouble. Right now, I do not believe in what the U.S. is doing. I fully support the troops, but not the war that the U.S. government has these soldiers fighting. I look at myself and I’m not sure whether I see myself as an American Jew or a Jewish American. Is there even a difference? If I’m a Jewish American, does that make me less American? I love America and I fully intend to move back there after the service, so I don’t know anymore. If I am unable to get my profile raised  and can somehow opt out of my contract, would I leave Israel and join the U.S. military? I’m American and while I don’t believe in the war America is fighting, I do believe in the U.S. and want to be a soldier and I could do combat with them (I’m just playing both sides Mom, you don’t need to call me after reading this afraid that I’m going to enlist in the U.S. Army)….My mom will still call me after reading this, by the way. It is an interesting thought, lets hope that it doesn’t come to that because I’m where I want to be. All I want is to fight for something I have pride in, that’s it. I’m not looking to be a hero or the savior of the Jewish people, just to do my part.

Random Rambling

Bokar Tov,

It’s about 5:45 a.m. here in the Holy Land. I couldn’t sleep. I saw that the Yankees pulled out another win, seems like they’re playing some real good ball these days, which is always good to see. Since I want be going into the army in May, I’m thinking about looking into a way to watch and/or listen to the games online. At least the day games, which will be on at a reasonable hour for me to watch.

Not sure what I have planned for today, might go to the beach if it’s nice out. Not sure what I should eat for dinner either. I’m rather tired of chicken and pasta. Maybe burrito night? Meatballs? Try and find some steaks? We’ll see I suppose.

Not sure why, but as I laid in bed, what is now last night (even though most of you on the East Coast probably are still awake), I began to reminisce about my high school days. In particular, the Recreational Basketball League I played in at the JCC with a bunch of my friends. It was a great time. A league for guys who didn’t play high school basketball, but a league in which, I like to think, the players played with more passion and pride than most high school basketball teams. We were “The Green Team.” It was a league that consisted of 8 teams. It was taken very seriously. There were numerous ejections, and there is one time in particular that I remember, when my friend Jon decided he didn’t like a call and he took the ball and through it all the way across the court at the opposite hoop. No fooling around in this league. Anyway, we only won one game in the regular season, but all 8 teams made the playoffs. It was in that first round game, that magic happened.

We were up against “The Purple Team,” the number 1 seed and we were at, what would seem a mismatch, as we only had 5 players (usually had 8 players) and they had a player who was huge, probably on steroids. We went into the game with a strategy, the Princeton offense (basically hold onto the ball as much as we could and not allow the other team to get many possessions). However, as the game progressed something happened, we couldn’t miss a damn shot. Everything went in the hoop. I’m not exaggerating, I don’t think we missed more than 5 shots all game. in two 20 minutes halves, running time, we scored 80 points. Yes, 80 points. That’s unheard of. The guy who ran the league said it was the best game he’s ever seen, and know what, I believe him. I still can’t believe it. We won by about 40 points with just five guys. It was the kind of stuff that legends are made out of. We would then cruise through the next two rounds to win the championship. A story, that is on the level of “Hoosiers” (if you haven’t heard the story or seen the movie then go rent it. It’s about a small Indiana high school basketball team). To be honest though, The Green Team story is a better one. A tale of normal guys, overcoming the odds to kick some ass. To take a line from my little league coach, it was about “heart, soul, and effort.”

That is my random rambling. I hope you enjoyed it.