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Did You Know

Since today is Derek Sanderson Jeter’s 36th Birthday, I have decided to dedicate my did you know to him. Happy Birthday Derek!

Did You Know:

Made his Major League League debut May 29, 1995.


“I want to be remembered as someone who had a lot of respect for the game, his teammates and opponents, and I want to be remembered as a winner. But most importantly I want to be remembered as a Yankee.” – Derek Jeter

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Did You Know…

Sorry I missed Saturday’s “Did you know.”

This weeks Did You Know...

By the time we die, most of us will have spent a quarter of a century asleep, of which six years or more will have been spent dreaming—and almost all of those dreams are forgotten upon waking

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Did You Know

Did you know of the day:

Hostess makes 500 million Twinkies a year.

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Did You Know

Every Saturday there will be a “Did You Know” of the week. It will be about anything, just random facts, something non army.

This Weeks Did You Know?

-On this date April 17,1947, Jackie Robinson bunted for his first Major League hit.


-For the NY Yankees’ fans: On this date 1951, Mickey Mantle made his Major League debut, going 1-4.

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