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Vacation!….and a mustache

As my good friend Shmulik recently said to me, “You must have set a record for vacation days in the army.” I agree.

I finished my two week hebrew course and reported back to base on Sunday to find out what my job would be for the next three weeks until the draft. When I arrived on Sunday I basically sat around until 8 p.m. waiting for my officer to tell me what to do. Once she arrived, she had no idea, so she told me to come back the next day.

The following day, it took me until about 4 p.m. to see her and once again, there was nothing for me to do. I told her that I had been in a similar situation at the Bakom, where I was placed somewhere for a short period of time and understood that there wasn’t much for me to do. She explained that she couldn’t just let me go sit at home, but I was able to persuade her that I’m a lone soldier and have things to take care of and It’d make more sense for me to be at home until the draft.

So here I am, on Vacation for three weeks. So far I have been spending it studying and working out. It’s only been a few days, but hopefully I can keep it up. That’s pretty much it. Once I’m drafted into Nahal, the blog will get more interesting….I hope.


Oh yeah, so I just found out that a group of people, from Australia I believe, started this trend called “Movember” where you grow a mustache for the month of November to show support for Prostate Cancer. Thus, I have decided to grow a mustache for the remainder of the month. I discovered this on ESPN.com while reading about New York Yankee Rightfielder Nick Swisher growing a mustache for the cause. Click here to read about what he’s doing. I know my mustache will look absolutely terrible, but why not? Also, as some of you readers may know, my father has a mustache, for as long as I’ve been around, and in addition to showing my support for Prostate Cancer, I will use this as a chance to see if my mustache can somehow compare with my Dad’s majestic ‘Stache.

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  1. 05/11/2010 at 12:34

    Dude, you can grow and grow and grow, and while you may be able to grow an awesome stache, you will never be able to have as luxurious a beard as me. 😛 nice going with the vacation time though.

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