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First Week on the Nahal Base

With the surprising news, I was still hoping that the army would just let me have vacation until the draft, but of course they wouldn’t. I had to report to the Nahal base this week where I will essentially work some job until the draft.

The base is a few hours away by bus, so it wasn’t a terrible trip. I was told to be there around 2 p.m., so when I got to the base I was told I would have to wait to talk to the officer. Well, what else is new, I waited until about 8:30 at night until the officer showed up. She told me that they would put me in another hebrew course for two weeks, I missed the first week, and then I would work in the office after that.

Nothing too exciting really happened this week. I sleep in a room with 6 other guys, they all seem nice. My class is from 9 in the morning until 9 at night. I’m with all English speaking soldiers who have completed their training. All good guys. It’s an entertaining class, and passes the time. Better than doing some lame job.

Oh yeah, on Monday, in one of the classes, all of a sudden one of the guys starts singing that song “Doo wah diddy diddy dum” or however it goes. He got real into it and then the rest of us started clapping along and singing the chorus. It was an awesome moment. I wish I had it on video. The two teachers had to leave because they were laughing so hard and sent in a commander to yell at us. My description doesn’t do it justice.

Other than that not much happened all week. I started working out and next week I’ll bring my hebrew notes and such and try to study. If anything exciting happens during these next 5 weeks I’ll let everyone know. Enjoy the weekend.

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