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It’s been a while, BIG NEWS!

Last time I left everyone, I had submitted a letter to the ISraeli Army asking for my service to be shortened. I sat around all of September, with nothing to do, expecting that at some point I would receive a call from the army asking for an interview and then I would be released. I had come to terms that my dream of being a soldier were over and was more or less prepared to move back home and start the next chapter of my life.

My parents came out here for about 5 days and I was extremely excited. It was great to see them and I was expecting that by December or January, I would be back in The States. My parents arrived on Tuesday October 5, and on Wednesday we were planning to go to Jerusalem to see the Holocaust Museum. However, in the morning, I received a call from the army saying that I had to be on base for an interview at 4 p.m. Thus, the trip would have to be delayed by a day.

I arrived to the Bakom, expecting that this would be IT, the end of my short lived I.D.F. service. As I walked into the office that I have reported to numerous times, an officer said that I was meeting with someone and that he would decide my fate. If he decided to not release me, then I had to report to wherever he told me. This made me extremely nervous that I wouldn’t be released. I figured I had two options, release or be stuck in the army doing nothing for another year. I had an real bad feeling.

As I walked across the base to another office, I was escorted by a female soldier. We had a discussion about why I was here and all that good stuff. We argued a little bit. Her telling me that there was plenty for me to do to help Israel. I responded by me cleaning toilets helps nobody.

Anyways, we both sat waiting for the interview for about 15 minutes. Finally, I was called into a boardroom, if you will. I had to salute the officer and I sat down. He was an very high ranking officer. Finally, I was meeting with someone who matters.

I sit down and he starts asking me some basic things in Hebrew, I respond, In Hebrew, but ask pretty quickly if we can talk in English. The officer asks me to tell him my story, so I do. I don’t need to repeat what I said, because I’m pretty sure it’s been discussed a million times on the blog.To sum up the conversation, I tell him, that if I can’t do combat, I want out. I told him that sending me back to Shirion is unrealistic because they don’t want me. The only realistic way this works, is if I get sent to Nahal (the infantry unit I have wanted). He tells me that he understands and that he will have me go talk to this other officer about my profile and why I can’t do Nahal. Before I get up to leave, the officer tells me how much it means to him that people like myself, and the other thousands of Lone Soldiers, come to Israel because they feel as Jews, it is their obligation to serve the country. He was an extremely nice man, and he shook my hand and left.

A side note before I continue: I have found, that you get people in Israel who either really appreciate what you’re doing, or think you’re nuts and resent you a little bit. It’s interesting.

Anway, eventually I go an meet with an officer who is just a little lower in rank than the previous one. Again I tell him my story. However, this time, I explain that my eyesight being the reason my profile is so low is ridiculous. I explained that people who wear glasses and contacts are all at the same risk. If the glasses break or the contacts fall out, we’re all screwed. The officer says wait one second and calls a doctor on his cell phone. He explains exactly what I said, but in Hebrew, to the doctor, and then gets off the phone. He asked me if I understood what they talked about and I said somewhat. He goes on to tell me that the doctor will sign me off to go to Nahal.

Well ladies and gentlemen, I was shocked. I never figured in a hundred years that I would be cleared for infantry. I figured, at best, I got to tell my story one last time. Unbelievable. The one catch was, that i had to agree to add an additional 6 months to my service starting from the draft date in late November.

I didn’t think his was fair because the army were the one’s who screwed up, but in the end I agreed. So starting November 23, I have 18 months of service. I will be in the Nahal Brigade. I still can’t believe it.

Here’s an entertaining video of the Nahal Brigade of patrol, enjoy:

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  1. brian
    22/10/2010 at 01:56

    congratulations achi!!

    Stay safe in nahal..

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