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“Spartans! What is your profession?”

Wow, I have a lot to update everyone on. So lets skip the nonsense and get to it.

What is now, well, three weeks ago, all of the soldiers in Mikveh Alon went to Shetach, which is field work. We went to some base about an hour and a half away from the everyday base in the North. We woke up early and I was pretty pumped that I would get some time to nap on the bus, but it was rather uncomfortable so I didn’t get much sleep.

When we arrived, we immediately set up a few poles and attached a net to give us some shade right across from the gun range. Not soon after we went right over to the shooting range and were told what steps needed to be done before we could shoot. The “M.M.” or officer told us the rules for shooting, essentially, when were told to stop shooting, stop, don’t aim anywhere but forward, etc. We got 6 bullets to fire at a target 25 meters away. The first shot was just to see what it is like and then they count the next five shots, so that they can adjust the sight on the rifle so we can be more accurate. I hit all five targets, surprisingly.

We then shot again in the afternoon and again, I hit all of my shots. We also learned to shoot at night, which was a little harder and took some getting used to but I hit all four targets. In the three days, we would fire roughly 40-50 rounds, I missed the target three times. We fired  from three positions, laying down, kneeling, and standing.

Also during those few days we had to set up tents to sleep in. They were crappy little tents that were too short. They were old U.S. Army tents, probably from Vietnam, like our rifles. I roomed with this dude Dave from Australia. It was uncomfortable and freezing at night. Lets just say I didn’t sleep much.

Also during Shetach, we practiced getting into the firing positions by instinct. The Sgt. would yell out 25 meters (stand), 50 meters (kneel) and 100 meters (lay down) and we would have to get into the positions immediately and then get up and sprint back and forth. Sometimes the Sgt. would hold onto our packs and make us pull him. It was actually a lot of fun.

We also learned a little Krav Maga, which is the military’s form of martial arts. We learned how to hit someone with the rifle. It was pretty cool, but I wish we had done more.

These few days were the first days that i felt like I was really in the army. Oh yeah, we also had to eat the same disgusting crap everyday: tuna, loof (spam), tomatoes, cucumbers, olives, bread and chalva. I didn’t touch the tuna, sorry Mom. It was gross and I lost a bunch of weight. overall it was a tiring few days, but was fun.

The best part was probably when we got on the bus to go back to our base and Dave yelled the line from the movie “300” “Spartan! What is your Profession?” and we all yell HAWOO HAWOO. He then got told to shut up and we went back to the base.

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  1. 11/06/2010 at 21:48

    Dear Herb, It was wonderful hearing from you via “the lone soldier”…actually reading any communication from you makes my day brighter!…I am impressed with your handling of this adventure in your life…..still can’t believe you are there and miss you so much…I think of you at the door:”Hi Gram, what’s for lunch?” Life here is very uninteresting…our only joy is seeing all the “kids”…big and little…Jon and Kim seem to be pleased with there move to Boston…Jen has a few more weeks before her daughter makes her debut….any suggestons for a name? Emily keeps busy, but really misses her little bro’…Your sisters hosted a wonderful party for your mom’s milestone birthday…They should be party planners..the beach setting was beautiful…the weather balmy BUT your were very much missed!!!..Of course you were a topic of conversation and picture showing…I must say you look handsome in your uniform, but truth be told I’d rather see you in a business suit, shirt and tie (maybe paisley)…ah well!..Forgive my old age coming into play.

    I hope you are keeping a journal..would like to see your writing talents lead to an interesting book after you return to civilian life.

    I know Michelle is lonely without you…I will e-mail a hello to her, but I am no substitute……Ah, here is Papa, home from his daily journey to Waterbury Hosp. for antibiotic infusion….7 days a week…this is week 3….a real bummer…Gee, Herb, how about becoming a scientist and develop a miracle drug to fight the darn bug that has been plaguing him for 6 yrs!?….Well, lunch time…no grilled cheese for my special grandson….love you, Herb…….hugs, Gram

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